baby can't sleep with her dad

Karen - posted on 01/28/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




my baby is 12 weeks now and as much i dont want to but i had to go back to work already. my husband works as well but he does the usual 9-5 work. as for me since we have 3 shifts at work, i requested to work 11pm to 7am so that we would not need to leave my baby in daycare at all. my problem now is my does not seem to sleep well with her dad at night. she'll be awake between 6pm to 8pm and once her dad will take over in taking care of her she'll just take 30 minute naps here and there throughout the night and will only sleep straight / good by 5 / 6 in the morning. has anybody gone through something like this? i feel bad for my husband since he works during the day but i feel bad for my baby more since they need the sleep much more for the brain development. any suggestions on what to do or tips? it would be greatly appreciated.


Amy - posted on 01/30/2015




Your baby is still little, she's going to keep waking up throughout the night.. Its normal that she wakes up often my DD did the same and she's now 6 months and wakes up 2x to eat a snack at night. Every baby is different , some will sleep through the night since the come home and some will contiguously wake up till they are a year old. You could try keeping her awake longer before you put her to bed. Also, try having a bedtime. I would try putting my DD to sleep at 9 since I brought her home and now she starts falling asleep around 9 and sleeps through night. A set bedtime will help your baby and you both alot

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