baby cant poop

Lawrenza - posted on 06/29/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi My 3 Mon old is having problems going number two. It has been this way now over a month. At her two month check up they notice she wasn't really gaining weight and was still in newborn pampers and clothes. So they ask if she spit up. I said yea a lot so they told me to give her rice cereal ever since then she hasn't been able to go. Please help I feel bad for her to see her in pain and nothings there it brings me to tears to watch her go through this . Thanks a lot for your hel


Kristen - posted on 06/29/2013




My advice is to record everything. Write down time, amount of formula/breast milk, amount of cereal, how much she ate. Then record diaper changes as well, time, type wet or dirty and amount and what it looks like. Try stopping the cereal and see if her poop changes. Make sure to record everything and then make her a dr appointment and take all that info in with you and talk to her dr about it. Having all this info documented will help her dr determine what is going on with her and what could be done to help her. Do this over the weekend and make her an appointment beginning of week. If things get to point she hasn't pooped at all in over 24 hours and she is in lots of pain I would take her to ER just to be safe. Hope she feels better soon and it's just probably her body isn't ready for cereal. Every baby is different and what helps and works for one baby may not for another.


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