baby daddy being drunk

Jennifer - posted on 01/21/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My x baby daddy is out of control we broke up he left my son & I were both 18 & he called me at 430 in the morning. Playing a romantic. Song than he came to my home @ 5:30 am he had keys to my house. Walked in my little. Brothers room. Slapped him than came to my room woke up my son ibtold him leave he didn't. Want. Too & my older brother had to tell him to leave my x told me I'm fat I'm never making. It too college. & tht he will make more money than I he never graduate high school & he works @ wendys.. he makes me feelvworthless & a girl was calling. His phone I wasvreally jelouse y is he getting. Drunk all the time my mom had his mom come over his mom said his. Sons always broke always drunk & my mom wanted. To call the cops on him but didn't. My x told her call the cops on me I got angrybhe said that he seea l


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Oh PLEASE be strong. Reading you words gives me much compassion. Lord, touch her!!!

Don't be afraid. You are a good person. Finish school. The harder life is the better you will become.

Use all your resources. Call the cops. Write down everything that happens. Date it keep it. Tell yourself how wonderful you are. God don't make junk. People make themselves that way because they cannot handle life.

God has blessed me because I saw what He can do for me and He will do for you.

A drunk man or woman are not in their right mind. They lie and hurt others. I did that and I have been forgiven. Most people never get right. My dad and his prayers saw me thru. My dad loved God and I am loved. I am special and so are you. What He did for me He will do for you.

So stay away from anyone who brings you down. Seek people who lifts you up. Use the law. Go to school. Take care of all your love ones.

I know I am bad with words but I feel your grief. I had to respond.

I wish I were there for the old man would leave the new man in me and let that man who is standing in you way of success have a piece of my mind. NO! I can't go back and drop to his level. NO!

Please pray and believe. Leave your old life style and start a new day, a new life, a new dawn.

Oh Lord be with her. I want to say thank you for speaking or reaching out.

Pray for my daughter. She needs your prayers. I hear power in you. Go with God and He will see you thru.

So sorry I love hearing your writing.

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