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Hi I'm 19 going in to 20 with a 2years old baby daddy is 22 and in college... The emotional abuse is too much to handle
Everyday different girl, I want the best for my child... I wouldn't want my child to grow up with a different family
I try so hard to forgive and forget but all I am is broken inside...I can't eat I can't breathe
They are not just mere flings
He feels them we are over then have serious relationships with them on campus
I know by now every one thinks I'm stupid
I'm so hurt I haven't been myself for a while now
I have I have finalexams to write and I can't study I can't eat I can't smile
He keeps apologising and going back at it
It's so painful...I have thought of suicide and everything... Today I took a depression test and realised I was...I want to talk go my mum so bad but I can't...I need to talk to someone someone who would listen understand and show me some love... I feel all alone...I've never been with anyone apart from him...I never thought I would be this hurt as I'm typing just crying...I just want to die and end all this... I never dd anything wrong why is this happening to me?


~♥Little Miss - posted on 03/13/2014




Why is this happenings? Because he is a selfish jerk. You and your son deserve better than this. If you continue this relationship (or lack there of) your son will see this is an acceptable way to treat women. Get out while you still can. Get you and your son into a healthy environment. Not only do you have to worry about the emotional side of matters, but if he is having sex with these girls, you also seriously need to consider std's. Do not have intercourse with him without a barrier protection.

Best of luck Precious. You are better than he is treating you. I really hope you go talk with your mother. Maybe she can help you out of this situation. This is not about anything you did wrong......this is all on him.

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