Baby daddy's new girlfriend, help!

Veronica - posted on 12/19/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Ok so me and my ex broke up about a year ago. He recently got with his new girlfriend and got her pregnant already ( no im not upset or anything about it) i may be a little jealous but other then that im happy for them. I dont hate his girlfriend and never have i said anything bad about her, she seems like a nice gal. Anyways just today she aked if she can speak to mebut i was not mentally ready to talk to her. I do plan on meeting her soon not only because they are having another kid but due to the fact that my daughter will be near and around her. So my question is what kind of questions can i ask her or them as a couple when i do decide to actually meet her?


Ev - posted on 12/21/2013




Adding to Adriana's post, not only will she treat your child like her own but will she respect your role as the mom of the girl. You should also ask about setting up a parenting plan with the both of them for your girl so all of you are on the same pages. At this juncture, I would also advise you to get custody, visitation and child support in order with the courts so that no one can do the he said/she said thing about those items. Then this way you are all protected in that the orders say what goes on, who has custody, and what visitation is set for whom and when; and in this way the other parent can not go nuts over the other parent about issues. It is explained in orders already set. It protects the child the most because it enhances her relationships with parents, makes sure she is provided for and not fought over.


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