baby dolls for baby boys???

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How do you all feel about getting a doll for a boy? My son is 8 months old and loves babies and loves dolls, I dont see a problem but my bf and the inlaws disagree and dont think i should?

What do you guys think of a boy having a baby doll?


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There are a lot of important things that kids learn from playing with baby dolls, boys use them for role play just like girls. I would say just get something simple and as gender neutral as you can, my daughter has one for the bathtub that she likes to wash. I've seen Dad's freak out over their little boys playing with "girl" toys but they really need to remember how young they are and that playing with these toys is how they learn about the world, not just what gender they are supposed to emulate.

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If you want him to have a doll, then get him one. If other people have a problem with it let them know that is their hang up, not your son's. My little boy has dolls to play with and it hasn't interfered with his desire to play with trucks and other "boy's toys" so just do it.

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The op is an extremely old post, but yes... my son got a baby doll (in a blue outfit... to counteract all his sisters pink stuff) at 9 months for his first Christmas. His name is 'blue baby' and still sleeps in my son's bed at 3.5. He plays w/ his sisters 'retired' dolls, his (and their) legos, trucks, puzzles, EVERYTHING... I have no problem w/ any of it.

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Yes, get him a boy doll! Why not? Dont we want our boys to grow up being sensitive and caring and nurturing? it shocks me that moms would be opposed to that. Biabie and toddlers want to imitate us and caring for a doll is just that.

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thank you for your opinions, Chelsea, thats what i was thinking, a boy dolly couldnt hurt.... Karen i was thinking it would help him be good around other kids... i dont know i probably will! LOL

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i personally wouldnt buy a doll for either of my sons. i dont care if they play with dolls, i just wouldnt buy one for them. my son has a bear that he carries everywhere with him. he loves his bear. my bf would be pretty peed off if i came home with a doll for my boys and i can honestly say i wouldnt appreciate it if someone bought them one.

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My Son isn't really into any stuffed animals or dolls accept his bedtime alien. However if he did show an interest yes I would let him have a doll. There is no reason it has to be a little girly doll in a dress.

Do you remember My Buddy? That was a doll he was dressed like a normal boy in overalls and t-shirt. There is no reason why you couldn't get a doll and dress it up like a boy. I think it would help teach him parts of his own body, how to put clothes on, ect ect.

In the Ages and Stages quiz through our local family resource centre there is actually a question at 14months whether you child (boy or girl) plays with and interacts with dolls or stuffies by smiling, hugging, pretending to feed ect. It is one of only 6 questions that they use to check personal/social development.

So go ahead and get your Son a Buddy! GI Joe is just a doll though men won't admit it! Actually after reading what I wrote I think I may go get one too LOL ;)

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Hello Valerie I have 2 sons and they loved playing with dolls my eldest is 8 1/2 now and when he was little he used to pretend play feed them change them etc. now he has an 19 month old baby brother and a 6 month baby sister I believe that the experience he had playing with the dolls as I showed him how to care fore the doll properly has helped him greatly and now he helps alot with the 2 babies.

In daycare centres there is no girls or boys toys they all play with the toys I am a childcare worker and I agree with this.

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It's up to you on that one. I wouldn't buy my son a doll. Too weird for my taste, but that's just me. Maybe a stuffed animal or something. My son will play girlie toys with my daughter every now and then but I can't see buying him a doll for's up to you and his father though....don't let others make your decision for you.

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