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Katt - posted on 07/29/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I am having some serious issues finding earrings that either stay in my daughters ears or do not get stuck. What kind/brand of earrings do you find work best.

The ones I have gotten were a pair of screw on backs, the threading went the whole length of the prong and screwed on so tight to her one ear it swelled, and the push backs always go on crooked and get stuck.

For those of you who will post and say i'm a horrible mother for putting my daughter threw tourcher getting them done, please do not reply as I don't really want to hear it. Thanks!!


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Lilian - posted on 06/18/2014




I think small studded earrings will be best for your baby as she is quite small. This way she will not be able to tug at them and try to remove them. You could check out the amber sceats earrings online online if you wish to buy the best earrings for your baby.

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"sleepers": little round hoops that can be rotated through the hole. You can get small ones for babies. Try the pharmacy, or anywhere that performs piercing.

Danielle - posted on 07/29/2010




Oh sorry, you meant earrings that wouldn't end up too tight...I thought you meant that earrings were irritating her ears altogether. I agree with the hoops thing. That's what my mom did for me. I was 6 though so she could tell me to rotate the earrings from time to time...obviously you won't be able to instruct your daughter to do so but you can easily do it for her ;)

Julie - posted on 07/29/2010




you will do better with hoops or lever backs.
there is a great company called The Jewlery Vine they are a bit pricey but you can find some reasonable ones verrrrrry very good quality and the post are sized for smaller kid ears

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