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Aly - posted on 10/11/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




So I have brown eyes and brown hair and I am Italian, German, and czecoslavacion. Husband is blond hair and blue eyed and German and Irish. We have a 7 week old who's eyes were mood blue like the ocean at birth and had my dark skin color with dark brown hair. Now at 7 weeks he has bright blue circles around his irises, and dark blue/gray outer rings. His hair is now a light brown/ dirty blond, and his eyebrows are completely blond like you can't see them. And his skin color keeps getting whiter and whiter like his daddy's. Does anyone know the odds in his eye's staying like his daddy's?


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It depends on the genes. Your husband has 2 blue-eyed genes. You have at least 1 brown, possible 1 blue or 1 brown. If you have a blue-eyed parent, you have 1 brown, 1 blue. If not, it's anyone's guess and could be either way.

Chances of them staying blue if you have 1 brown/1 blue - 50%. Has the gene for blue from dad, so it's determined by you (brown is dominant).
Chances of them staying blue if you have 2 brown - 0%. Dad's blue gene would be recessive to your brown, and every child would have brown eyes.

This is how so many Scandinavian features were overtaken with breeding by invaders in history. :)


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Hi my daughter has the same eyes that you describe so i was wondering what does your daughters eyes look like now.

Jodi - posted on 10/19/2010




My son had bright blue eyes until he was about 7 or 8 and then they gradually started to change to hazel like his dad's. They will be what they will be :)

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My sons eyes changed when he was almost 4 yrs old....went from blue to green....

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Children are mostly born with blue eyes, or a grayish blue...I had a magazine article that said your child's eyes can change color until they are 12 years old. Now my son was born with jet black hair, tan skin, and gray/ blue eyes. He is now a dirty blonde, he is pasty white, and he has blue, green, and brown eyes...they are more brown and green but there is a slight blue around the iris and then green around that and then brown around that and they have been that way for about 3 years except they were way more intense when he was about 2! They kind of freaked me out

Tyrae - posted on 10/19/2010




Well... if we go by my 2 sisters and me compared to my parents than it could be anything! hahaha
My mom has green eyes brown hair, my dad has brown eyes brown hair.
I'm the oldest of my sisters and I have blue eyes, red hair
The middle sister has dark brown eyes, brown hair
AND the youngest has green eyes, blonde hair!
We are all fully related, same mom and dad. SO recessive genes could even come out of nowhere and bite your baby in the butt :P

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