Baby Fever: Should we give in or move on?

Anne - posted on 02/10/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have two beautiful and healthy kids, DD age 9.5 and DS age 6.5. After my son, I knew I was done. So did my husband. With work and our small house, and the challenges that both threw at us ,2 kids seemed perfect. That was until a few months ago. In the past year or so our situation has changed dramatically. I now work from home part-time. We live in a much bigger house with a spare bedroom, and I just hit my 35th birthday 3 weeks ago. Suddenly my husband and I find the idea of a third child do-able. Logically, we both feel like we should be content with what we have. Why rock the boat when our kids are doing well and so are we? However, both of us must feel like its not enough because we both have this baby fever. WE are both equally stumped. I know we both want another baby, but is this one of those times that sense needs to trump want? The age gap is a bit scary and we are both hung up on the idea of having teens and a preschooler at the same time. So for anyone out there, how did you know you were done? What do you think of this age gap? HELP!!!!


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I have a 16 yr old a 12 yr old and a 2 1/2 yr old and LOVE IT!!! I love the age gap! It has been SO much fun watching my older two play with the youngest. They adore her and still fight over who gets her. They have a neat sibling connection. I also have helpers this time around. I have babysitters if needed. I have cookers if needed. and I have entertainers if needed. It is still an go back to the newborn stage to where all you do is change, feed, and try to scramble to get your work done. You go back to diaper bags, strollers, carseats, etc.

As far as having a teenager and a preschooler. There is SO much that my preschooler has learned from my teenager. They play games together, they work on colors together, he has fun watching her learn (so do the rest of us). We did not stop doing what we do just because we had another baby. We continue to be at all the older kids' school and sporting events. We continue to take vacations and do all the things we did before on vacation. We have just added another to the mix.

Andrea - posted on 02/11/2014




I say go for it...
My husband is 16 years younger then his brother..
My brother is 7 years older then me..
We have 2 kids that are 17 months apart..
Then we have a 4 year gap between our middle and youngest and a 5 year gap between our oldest and our youngest... I find it very helpful with a bigger age gap, they love to play and help with their little brother.. We have boy 6, girl almost 5, boy almost 13 months..
I know being the little sister of a older brother it was kind of cool, all of his friends always included me in different things, his girlfriends would help with homework... just little things...
I knew I was done after having our 3rd little one only because each pregnancy got harder and harder on my body.. 1st one no problems text book really... 2nd one well found out at 12 weeks she had Gastroschisis {insides outside of body}, then I got chicken pox at 22 years old and 32 weeks Prego and was but on mile bed rest was just lucky to make it to 36 weeks with her and 3rd well he tried to take out my kidney out and my gallbladder out and had me on bed rest from 10 weeks to 38 weeks when I had him... So for the safety of our kids we have decided it is better to be done, that and I am very happy and content to have our 1 PRINCESS and 2 little PRINCE CHARMINGS...

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well you have a bigger house now so I say do it. My mom had my youngest brother at 40 so that is a 10 year age difference between me and him. I have a brother who is also 6 year younger than me. If you have baby fever then things must be "right". If you were still in a smaller home then I would say don't do it, but you have a spare room just waiting for someone,


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