baby girl and boy, who is very difficult in taking care of?


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Jodi - posted on 07/29/2013




Mine have always been the opposite to Dennika's. It's all about their individual personalities. My son has always been the sensitive one who really hates to be in trouble, whereas my daughter is totally full on. There is no hard fast rule as to which is more difficult.

Although I will agree that my daughter IS a bit sneakier, a bit of a manipulator to be honest, especially as she gets a bit older. I'm onto her though ;)

And congrats Dennika :)

Denikka - posted on 07/28/2013




I have both, a boy age 4 yrs and a girl age 2.5 yrs (I won't count my newborn baby yet :P he's only 3 weeks old)

I have found that my kids are difficult in different ways. My son is a boys boy. He's very active, rough and tumble, and it can be difficult to get him to focus on a task, get him to calm down and stop being a tornado, etc. He can also be very destructive. He just loves to take things apart.
My daughter on the other hand, is a LOT calmer, but she's a bit of a drama queen (my son will bash into a counter and keep going, no problem. My daughter will ALMOST get hurt and can be inconsolable :P) She's also a lot sneakier. She uses her brother as a distraction so that she can go and get something she shouldn't have. And, she's a perfectionist. She wants things done HER way. She has to wear the clothes that she wants, have her food presented how she want, color the way she wants, and heaven forbid if someone tried to help her with anything :PShe's extremely independent.

They both keep me on my toes, but both are generally good kids with their own quirks and difficulties. I think that's generally true of any child. You can't really say that boys are more difficult than girls or vice versa (although it may be true in some families that one IS more difficult than the other). Each child is different and presents different difficulties.

Gena - posted on 07/28/2013




You cant go by boy or girl,it depends on how the child is.Every child is different.I cant choose one.

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