baby girl gets so upsets

Staci - posted on 05/24/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 9 1/2 month old baby girl gets so frustrated! I feel helpless! first time mommy btw, lol but she is wanting to just get up and go! The pediatrician told us she was very advanced for her age and will prob walk before she crawls, that day she actually started crawling, and now she is wanting to walk. My other question is how do I try and express "no" to her? she just looks at me and laughs! and lately if i'm not in the room or especially in the car she just starts screaming and balling. Example, like always she hates being in her carseat(most kids do) understandable, but a friend of mine and her little girl came with us out, and she pitched a fit! threw her bottle down and it seemed like she was having a temper tamtrum, but I know at her age babies just don't understand. How do I try and tell her we don't act like that? I will even say that and nothing? I will look at her with a slit stern voice and say, "no, no, pop pop, and hold her hand and tap it, she laughs and keeps crying. She is my first baby so she has been "spoiled", by us a bit. But they grow so fast! thanks everyone!!


Ev - posted on 05/24/2014




You just keep telling her no when she does the things she does not need to in a gentle manner and keep consistent with it. SHe may not understand you but she will soon enough. Redirect her too. That is helpful at this age. Also the next time she throws anything be it a bottle or a toy or something else do not give it to her.

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