baby had a stroke in the womb

Lesly - posted on 04/06/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




so today I was yet in another meeting with the doctors talking about my sons brain bleed in the brain do to the stroke he had in my womb can any one tell me if there child went through this if yes how is there life now im scared first time mom i research this but i get more scared by the min rather then get answer i get confuse


Whitney - posted on 04/06/2014




I don't want to scare you so I'm going to say every child is different and it really depends on how bad the stroke was. I have a cousin that had a stroke in the womb due to being a twin and his brother was sitting on his head. He is about 35 now. He is partially paralyzed on the right side but can move enough to walk and can only move his right arm at the shoulder at about 50%. Mentally he's about 10 but lives a relatively normal life. I worked as a CNA for about 5 years and saw a women one time have 10 mini strokes in about an hour to 2 hour time period. The only symptoms she had was being light headed. After the got everything worked out she was a normal functioning woman (could dress herself, remember mealtimes, hold a normal conversation, and for her age it still surprises me how good her mental funtion was). Unfortunately this is just something you'll have to wait and see. I wish you only the best.

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