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I have twins (boy/girl) and they are both healthy weights. My girl is 11.5kgs at 13 months, so not waisting away, but she hardly eats anything. About 3 months ago she decided that she did not want to accept anything via the spoon unless it was fruit, yoghurt or something sweet. Most days I do not give anything sweet so she cannot just hold out for what she wants.

She will, at times eat finger food but so little she might as well not bother.

My boy twin eats with no problems (even though he weighs heaps less). He is better with spoon feed but happy with anything. Their older brother (3) is also great with food)

I am not sure what to do.....obviously as she is a good weight it is not a major issue - but some days I feel that she eats next to nothing.

She is the more advanced of the two and has gone through different stages of teething with no changes.

Just to pre-empt questions - she has 3 bottles a day of around 180 mls and these are not close to meals (either before or after) so she is not full or hanging back for the milk.

I have tried such a varitey to food and no difference

Any ideas? Feeding 3 kids at meal times is hard enough without one rubbing in her hair everyday instead of eating.



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Have you tried giving her a fork or a spoon? It gets messy in the beginning but both my kids went on little food strikes because they wanted to use them like we did! And LOTS of throwing on the floor. We still battle with that- but when he throws it on the floor he gets one warning and we give it back, but if he does it again he doesn't get anything else for a few minutes and we try to interpret if he is 'done' or not. No games at the dinner table, lol. And you say a good variety- awesome- but are they all the same textures? just curious. My youngest only has four teeth at 15 months and he eats anything (in fact, he nibbled on his brother's raw carrot today- silly punk)


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Victoria - posted on 01/21/2012




My concern is this has been going on for over 4 months now and it is getting worse. I give her food and she just does not eat. She will have a small bite of toast for example and throw it on the floor. I have tried huge variety and nothing is working. I wish she would graze through the day but really she puts a total of maybe 3 mouthfuls of food in her mouth a day.

She has now had problems with pooping - very hard poo's and cries as she is trying to pass them and often needs help.

I know that she needs more fibre but cannot get it into her. One of the only foods she will eat - cheese - is known to cause the constipation so I really need to stop giving this to her...........

I am not fussed about the mess or her hair - I have 3 kids - I am used to mess (lol).

When we are socialising - either at a party or someones house - she seems to eat alot better - I give her the same sort of foods at home but again no interest!

Stifler's - posted on 01/21/2012




My baby sounds about the same. Only has about 3 bottles, one at 4am and 2 solid meals of mashed vegetables and yoghurt or a vita brit. They sometimes just don't want anything. She only drinks about 120mL a bottle too.

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It sounds as if you have normal babies. At around 12 months or so, baby's appetites start to decrease. That is because they are no longer growing at the rapid rate that they did during the first 12 months. If they grew as fast (usually tripling their birthweight in that first year) in the 2nd year, they'd weigh between 60 and 75 pounds by the time they were 3. 12 months is also the time in development when children are starting to try out their independence. Hence they don't want to be fed with a spoon anymore. Some are more independent than others. So, even if it is more messy, put whatever food you are serving for that meal on a plate and allow her to feed herself how much she wants. Don't worry if its not a lot. When she is finished with the solids, then give her milk in a cup. Don't allow her to have milk or juice in a sippy or bottle in between meals. This only makes her not feel hungry at meal times. Most children of this age do need snacks, so do scheduled healthy snacks halfway between meals and give them in the high chair as well. If she is thirsty in between these times, you can let her have water in a sippy. She will probably have one meal of the day that is her favorite and eat more at that meal than at the others. This is fine. If you do this, offer what everyone is eating, don't try to be a short order cook, allow her to eat the amount she wants, have timed snacks and don't allow grazing all day long, she will get a balanced diet. Yes, some of the food will go in the hair, that's to be expected, but if her weight is good, and 11.5kg is a good weight for her age, don't worry.

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