baby is escaping his crib

Allison - posted on 02/06/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




my almost 1 1/2 year old has started climbing out of his crib. its not like it happened once its been every morning for the last four days. i looked in his crib and all thats in there is blankets and a stuffed dog not enough stuff to pile up to step on. the crib is on its lowest setting. so i imagine he is just hoisting himself up and over. i know this means i need to put him in a toddler bed before something bad happens but i'm not sure hes really ready for that yet. i think he wouldnt go to sleep/ sleep as well in a toddler bed so what should i do? my older son did not climb out of his crib except once and he got a black eye but he also had stuffed animals galore in there that he piled up to get out when he was ten months. after he got his black eye he never did that again.

so this is new territory. he wont sleep without his stuffed dog whish is only nine inches and very squeezy so its not like its helping him out much. or his crib aquarium which is too high to help him out. any ideas? should i just go ahead and switch him to a toddler bed? and if so how do i make sure he stays in it all night?


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you can also just get a crib tent, find one that attaches underneath the mattress. It is -generally- hard to get children younger than about 2.5 to stay in a toddler bed without a lot of frustration. A lot of the time they do not feel as secure in a regular bed until around that age and they also do not have the cognitive understanding to know what it means to stay in bed all night. Not all families have this problem, but you know your child. There is a crib tent available on amazon and that attaches underneath the mattress.

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We converted our son's crib to a toddler bed when he was 18 months old. He hadn't actually climbed out of the crib yet, but I knew it was only a matter of time and I didn't want him to hurt himself falling. You're right about one thing....once we converted to the toddler bed, it sometimes was harder to get him to stay in his bed at night. You just have to be consistent. He gets out? You put him back in. Keep a bedtime routine and try to stick to it. I agree also with Little Miss about getting a monitor if you don't have one. That's how I always knew when he had gotten out of his bed at night. But there were a few times I didn't hear him and this is why I put a baby gate in his doorway, so that if he got out and I didn't hear him, he couldn't get to anything dangerous.


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Allison - posted on 02/08/2012




thanks ladies. i think i'll check out the crib tent and if that turns out to be a to pricey solution we will just switch to the toddler bed. back to long nights for me.

Jane - posted on 02/06/2012




We put the crib mattress on the floor, took the crib apart and stored it, put a baby gate on the door, and then just kept putting our child back in bed until they got the point - stay in bed or play quietly.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 02/06/2012




I would think it might be worth a shot to get a toddler bed. It is better than him falling out on his head, breaking bones etc. Do you have a monitor in his room? This way you can hear what he is up to. It may take him time to adjust to the toddler bed, but the alternative of keeping him in the crib isn't cutting it. You could always leave the crib in his room until you are sure the toddler bed will work. Good luck!

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