Baby is wetting through his nappy I'm using pampers


Tori Dee - posted on 11/16/2013




My son was doing the same thing then I realized that you have to point their wee wee downward .. Only way else is because they've had it on too long .. If it's a girl, I don't really know but I was going crazy about it too till I found out lol Hope it helps!


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Agreed, Tori! Pointing the "Man Piece" downward toward the middle was one of the first things I learned the hard way with boys...after many days of changing sheets daily! Haha. Also, if you're not already using the overnight diapers, get those for bedtime. You could also try going up a size for bedtime; that worked for me whenever mine were still leaking. If all else fails, try switching brands. Different brands are shaped slightly different and fit slightly differently. I know moms who swear by Huggies, some who swear by Luvs, and some who will use nothing but store brand. Both of my boys leaked through every single brand I tried EXCEPT Pampers, so unfortunately I was never able to use the cheap brands. :( Diapers is just one of those things that are NOT all created equal. Different babies wear them differently, so changing brands may help. It's always worth a try.

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