Baby isn't eating and is losing weight!

Kaitlyn - posted on 02/14/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Ok so I was a dietetics major in college, so I know how important breastfeeding is. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to because I was on treatment for Pleuracy after my pregnancy. Anyway, I always assumed that the reason my daughter was underweight was because I had to formula feed her. I avoided formulas with rice cereal because you are not supposed to incorporate grains into their diet until they are a year old, but now that she is getting older and still very small I decided to incorporated them early. I have tried to give her baby food but she will not eat it and she only eats very tiny amounts of cut up food, so her main food source is still formula and she is almost a year old. She seems like she just gets skinnier (15lb right now). I have talked to her doctor and he just says to feed her more often, but she will not eat! She only eats 2-3 6oz. bottles /day and maybe 1 oz. of solids if I force her to eat it. I am at a loss of what to try to get her to eat; I am getting desperate.

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