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My daughters father has a son with another female. She does not like my 10 month old and pretends she does not exist. The thing that gets me is that she calls me evil and does not want me to have any contact with her son. She is taking my boyfriend to family court now for custody and child support. Although he takes financial responsiblity for his son. I agree with child suport because its for the benefit of the child. However, in all of her court papers she list me. The custody and child support paper is about me. I want my daughter to have a relation with her dad. However, I cannot take all the drama. I am not a bad person and she is making me out to the anti christ.


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Ok, I just reread your post and realized you refer to him as your boyfriend, so you are still together. So is she trying to take away his visitation rights simply because she doesn't want her son around you? Bottom line, you can't control what she does or what she says or thinks about you. All you can do is conduct yourself with integrity and hope for the sake of your boyfriend's relationship with his son that the court sees that she has nothing to really accuse you of. If she has nothing to show that you are "unfit" to be around her child I can't imagine her simply disliking you and the fact that he has a child with you would ever hold up in court. Sounds like she is just jealous of his new child with someone else and selfish and immature. (Sounds like a bio-mom I know!) It's so tough when someone is running your reputation through the ground, I know first hand how you feel in that, but you have to try your hardest not to worry about her drama and just be who you are and model strong positive characteristics not only for your child, but for your boyfriend's son when he is in your presence, and hopefully your actions will speak louder than her words!

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I'm very confused. How does she "list" you in the court papers? What do you mean when you say the child support and custody papers are all about you? Child support and custody/visitation for her child, as far as court is concerned, have absolutely nothing to do with you or your child. Are you and your daughter's father still together? Living together? Is she asking the court to keep her son's half-sister away from him? Or keep her son away from you? If you and he aren't together you are completely irrelevant to her case in every way, and the court will recognize that. 

As for her disliking your baby and pretending she doesn't exist, it really shouldn't matter to you. It is not her child and really she has no obligation to like or even acknowledge your baby. If you and your daughter's dad are together it's up to the two of you to try to foster a good sibling relationship between the children when they are both in your care. If you're not together, in a perfect world it'd be "nice" for the kids if you and the other child's mom could get the kids together to build a relationship, but we all know it's not a perfect world! Haha. Really since the dad is the only one in this picture who is the biological parent of BOTH kids, HE is the one who should be making sure to support, love and have a relationship with both kids equally and to be the middle man to bridge the biological gap between the two children to foster a healthy sibling relationship. I don't expect my husband's ex to give a hoot about our sons. She doesn't know my children or have anything to do with them, they are never in her care whatsoever and she has no responsibility or obligation to them. HER child with my husband comes to OUR home, so it is up to my husband and me to try to create a positive relationship among the siblings. But it's a little unclear in your post exactly what your situation is. Need a little clarification.

Jodi - posted on 04/20/2012




If she's implicating you in her court documents, then that's her problem. No-one will take it seriously. She cannot, in any way, control you or your child's access to his dad and she is kidding herself if she thinks she can. Am I to assume you aren't with the father either?

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