Baby Mama Drama.....HELP!

Samantha - posted on 01/20/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Sooooo... Let ms start by saying I a mom of 2. I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter, and a very handsome 10 year old step son. As you all know, Monday was a holiday, meaning no school. My step son lives with us, and stays with his mother, her boyfriend, their 9 month old daughter, and the boyfriends 18year old daughter, during weekends and 3 day weekends. I just found out the mother was trying to keep my step son for the whole week without informing my husband. To top it off, she had my step son stay with her boyfriends 18 year old daughter and 10 year old boy from some other family we dont know, during the holiday school is out. According to my step son, the boy used bad words and was a bit violent towards him. And like every weekend, when he comes home his daily reading log for school is incorrect and incomplete. Now I know she is the mother, and I am not taking that title away from her. But, if she cannot co parent, cannot check to make sure HW is done correctly and cannot provide better child care for him.......... Why make my step son suffer? Just a quick info... We won custody because she was verbally and physically abusing my step son. She also refuses to be civil and constantly attacks me and my husband on the phone.


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Michelle - posted on 01/21/2015




Unfortunately you can't really control what goes on at her house.
It's really up to your husband to bring these issues up with her but no one can make her oversee him doing homework.
Unless there are documents stating who can be around your step son then you also can't dictate who is around him.
You should concentrate on what you do when he is with you.

I'll add that I have been doing shared care for almost 10 years and have had problems with what has happens at their Father's house. I haven't agreed with all his choices but there's nothing I can do except be there for my children and let them know that they can talk to me when they want.

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