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Sandy - posted on 03/11/2018 ( 2 moms have responded )




I’ve been with my fiancé for almost 2 years .. Me and my F had a baby boy his 9 months now.. after having my boy about 4 months his ex got in contace with him giving him the news that he has a daughter she was turning 1 at the time so she had kept this from him for almost 2 years.. she came out of no where will in that whole conversation she was expecting my fiancé to go be with her but my fiancé told her o have a family.. she started crying so obviously she still has feelings for my fiancé... but if you honestly still had feelings for him then why keep such a big secret from him? Will she had told him that she doesn’t want me involved in her daughter life ever .. so I let it be and told my fiancé will you need to go meet your daughter you know all I was thinking about was the child.. but 6 months from now nothing has changed the only way he could see her is if he goes over her house and either she or her sister have to monitor him when taking her out.. she pretty much says when he could see her so she plans everything .. me and my fiancé are supposed to be getting married soon and there just so much to think about .. I always tell him you should just take her to court so that way you don’t have to worry of her keeping your daughter from you.. I want to be in this child’s life but her mom is just being selfish and pretty much using her daughter to get closer to my fiancé :. She is so childish there was a time she called and she knew very well we where busy but she called and called tell I finally told my f to answer and she pretty much said you care more about them than your daughter.. she’s always trying to bring him down.. it just very much annoys me that she’s 5 years older than me and still acting like a kid.. idk what to do .. also my fiancé never answers her calls when I’m around or he leaves the room
Should I be worried?


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Michelle - posted on 03/12/2018




If he wants to see his daughter then he needs to go to court.
She can't dictate who is around his daughter either, unless they are a proven threat to the childs' safety.
I would also suggest that he get a DNA test done.

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