baby name feud!

Jennifer - posted on 10/10/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




my husband wants to name our baby a name i cant stand because it was his sisters name(Kia-she passed away b4 we met). i have a name that i love(Layla) and have wanted to use since forever, but he is now shooting it down because he remembered that a friend who he speaks to about once a year has a daughter with the same pissed at him because he actually started calling the baby by the name i liked when we found out its a girl until he remembered his friends 4 year old!!, but now he is harping on Kia even more -i have ZERO intention of naming our baby(i tried compromising by having a variation of the name (kiara) for middle name but this seems to not be good enough for him) ! i dont think using the name i love should be off the table because some one else used it(that drives me nuts-its not like they even speak or see each other!) and i understand wanting to honor his sister, but the name is really horrible, a little ghetto and not what i would EVER consider naming a kid(not to mention all i can think of is the cheap car kia) do i shut this down without being a total bitch about it???? ive tried as i said, a variation on the name(which i still dont love but can live with as a mn), i suggested using his moms name as a mn cuz his mom is great and she at least has a pretty name, this hasnt stuck either...ok, now im rambling- but i need help, its stressing me out that he wont even make other suggestions- i can envision him pushing it off until we are in the hospital!! help!!


Rebecca - posted on 10/10/2012




try compromising with one person picks the first name and the other picks the middle name my Husband and I agreed that he gets to name the boys and I name the girls but we can veto names that we hate

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