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These are some names in the top 100 for 2009 that I think many still think are uncommon.
I know how annoying it is to think you are choosing a rare name but find out it's become totally popular!
check out for the complete list of the top 1000 names given in 2009.

Ok here's the list that I thought weren't so popular but found out they ARE!
Numbers indicate ranking, 8 means it's the 8th most used name in 2009
8 jayden
12 aiden
17 Logan
33 Gavin
34 mason
36 landon
47 Brayden
49 Liam
56 hunter
60 Wyatt
61 chase
68 Xavier
70 Sebastian
77 Brody
82 Cole
88 Levi
89 Blake
91 Hayden

And girls
5 Ava
12 Addison
26 kaylee
32 Avery
34 nevaeh
38 Riley
39 Evelyn
40 savannah
43 Peyton
61 Kylie
63 Aaliyah
74 trinity
76 Gianna
83 genesis

Now some of you might say some of these are obviously popular, but I personally was shocked that these were in the top 100. I live in Wisconsin, so every area might have different ideas as to what's popular or not, just wanted to share so everyone is informed that these names are POPULAR!


Katherine - posted on 12/31/2010




I saw this in The Stir in CafeMom and it's no shock. I know almost one kid with these names ;)

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