baby not moving too much these days

Adasiyyih - posted on 06/26/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




i am 23 weeks now my baby was so active up to two days ago and kicking and punching alot and we could even visibly see the movements but since yest she hasnt been moving alot at least not 10 times an hr like she is suppose at this stage...any advice...should i be worried..and when she does move now its light movements...


Kaitlin - posted on 06/26/2012




if you are worried, always call your doc. they can help you and guide you.
However, at 23 weeks, 'kick counts' at 10 times per hour are not reliable. Did you mean 33 weeks? That's usually when kick counts are encouraged- towards the middle of the third trimester. I wouldn't worry about ten times an hour at this point, but again, call your doc if you are worried and speak with the on call nurse. If they want you to go in, they'll tell you.


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Catherine - posted on 06/26/2012




My baby has been very active all through my pregnancy too. From my experience, how active the baby is depends on what I'm doing. Usually when I'm doing activities that are different from my normal routine, the baby gets less active. There were a few times that I would go days or a week without hardly feeling the baby, but then the following week she'd kick back harder than before. As long as you still can feel the baby moving sometimes, then you shouldn't worry too much.

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