baby not sleeping at night even for continous 3 hours.......he is 8.5 months old..................get up every almost every hour or 2 hours


Ev - posted on 04/18/2013




Depends on a lot of things as to why.

Is he or she crying a lot when waking up? is it a painful sort of cry or a "I do not feel good" kind?

If a child is crying this much they may not feel good or be getting sick or even teething. It was hard for me to know at first with my son because he would whimper off and on all night long and that was it. We soon found out it was his ears. He had ear infections and that was how he let us know what was going on.

If baby is not acting like that, then all I can say is that baby is adjusting to your schedule or a change in it. Have naps changed during the day? Shorter? Longer?
Has there been changes in your work hours and things like that?

Take a look at what is going on around you to see what is triggering this.

Other than that, most babies under a year old and even a bit older than a year still do not sleep all through the night.

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