Baby not wanting to drink her formula

Heidi - posted on 06/21/2016 ( 4 moms have responded )




My lil girl is 5 months old. We started her on the supported Sitter baby foods at 4 months. Also the Rice cereal and Oatmeal. She now doesn't like the Rice. But will eat the Oatmeal down! Also loves the food so much. But she now doesn't want to drink her formula. She will only drink about 3 Oz. Then wants food every time. Only time she drinks her whole bottle which is about 6 Oz. Is either early morning when she wakes up. Or if she wakes up in the middle of the night. I don't know if this is typical or not? She's growing finew! Dr says she's not over or under weight. But it concerns me cuz they say the formula is her best nutrition til 12 months. Does it hurt that she doesn't want je formula as long as she is eating the other foods so well? And what about going ahead to the 2nd foods?? Since the 1st foods are limiting on her selection?? I'm a 1st time mom and would love to know if anyone else Is having the same issues?? Thank you in advance.


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Dove - posted on 06/22/2016




The other ladies are correct. Cut out the solids until 6 months. Even then... if she is eating solids more than drinking her milk... cut out or down on the solids. Little bits of food are totally fine after 6 months, but she NEEDS the formula.

Ev - posted on 06/22/2016




Sarah H. is right on this. I do not know what kind of doctor you have your child seeing but most anymore say to wait until 6 months to introduce food to a baby. Back when my kids were little they said 3 to 4 months on the food but that was years ago....over 25 years ago. They do have proof that feeding too soon can harm the digestive system and cause later health issues in life. I would do as Sarah H. has suggested.

Heidi - posted on 06/21/2016




Her Dr said to start her on food at 4 months. So I don't know why they would say to go ahead and do that if not til 6 months. He said her weight and everything is perfect. I just was wondering if it's just a stage she's going through or if is alright if she doesn't want the bottle to feed her the food. I don't want her to be hungry. Cuz when she doesn't take the bottle she is hungry and wants the food.

Sarah - posted on 06/21/2016




You started her on baby foods way too early. You need to reduce her food intake. Formula is where all her nutrition comes from. Don't increase her amount of food as this will only fill her up more. Really she should not be eating any babyfood until 6 months. So if you ard doing babyfood it should only be a small amount once a day. More than that then she is going to fill up on food and not want her bottle.

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