Baby number 2 possible?

Tessa - posted on 02/12/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi all, this is my first post. My only son is 13 months now, and although I BF all throughout the day it is by no means exclusive anymore. He eats about 4 meals at the table with me every day, not purees but actual solids. He sleeps through the night, so no feeding going on for about 12-13 hours there. I have yet to get my first period back, and my fiancé and I are hoping to get pregnant again. Anybody know how this works? All I've read is that once the nighttime feedings are dropped my period should return, but here I am months later and nothing...


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Dove - posted on 02/12/2016




Some women get their periods back before their baby is 2 months old. Some women do not get their periods back until their child is fully weaned even if they are only nursing once a day for months. 'Most' women likely fall somewhere in between. It just depends on the woman and her body.

It IS possible (though no one can predict the likeliness) to conceive w/out your period returning... or you could be someone that does not conceive for a long time even w/ the return of your period.

Raye - posted on 02/12/2016




Each person is different, and we can't say with certainty when you would get your period back. If you are breastfeeding at all, then it may not come back until you stop. Stress, diet, and exercise can also play a role in if/when you get your period. Be aware, though, that ovulation occurs before your period. So it could be possible to get pregnant and not get your period.

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