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So I've heard a couple of posts about not using baby orajel cause it hardens baby's gums or something like that. We have used it and had no trouble in fact loved it. Before I used it I called my doc and he said it was fine. Since then my daughter had a food bug and hostpital said not to use cause babies can aspirate. So I make sure not to do before eating or sleeping, but still did use because its so immediately effective in really bad situations.

I've tried doing some research and can only find a snopes article that said its still looking into whether babies can stop breathing and some stuff about it numbing babies throats if it gets that far ( I assume this is the aspirating part).

Anyone have anymore info? Legitimate please :) Not asking for theories.


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Every member of our extended family has used Bonjela for at least 2 generations and had no problems with it - my only problem is getting it to my daughters gums before she sucks it off my finger! I used it when my wisdom teeth came through only about 6 (ish) years ago and it worked so well I had no hesitation on using it for my daughter. (Both my parents are nurses with my Mum being trained in midwifery and neither of hesitated in using it on us or our babies so I dont think there can be that much of a risk)

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That's kinda where I'm coming from Sharon. I don't want to completely ignore the hostpital but we have had wonderful experiences with it helping so far and as long as I pay attention to what can go down her throat when its numb, I think we're cool. So I didn't plan on stopping. I actually haven't used it in awhile since my daughter is working on her 15 and 16th teeth and is much more accomodating bout the whole process. I just always reccommend it to other moms and wondered if I might be able to get more info before doing so. I think the hardening gums thing is a load of crap. Can't find anything on it.

The only thing I can think of the hostpital is worried bout is maybe its use in really new infants. Maybe they don't have good control of their mouths and throats anyway? We started teething at 2-3 mo and never stopped! Thanks!

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i found, with 4 kids, that teething tablets work far better than orajel and they are homeopathic so no chemicals to worry about. you can find them at walmart, i believe they are made by hyland or something like that, it has been a few years since i needed them but i know they are still on the market.

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Ok to aspirate means to suck into their lungs.

Chloraseptic is a spray to numb your throat when it is sore. So I don't see the issue?

Even if your daughter numbed her throat she should be fine. Anbesol/orajel isn't that strong.

Aspiration is an issue but if she is coughing, aspiration of ANYTHING is an issue.

When i was pregnant with my daughter the hospital needed to use a REALLY strong numbing medicine on my throat and um something else - the name escapse me right now, that stuff was sooooo strong that I wasn't able to swallow and was just drooling uncontrollably. I almost drowned.

My son on the other hand aspirated amniotic/birth fluids and was hospitalized to prevent pneumonia.

I don't see the issue the hospital is talking about.

I guess I'm trying to ask what are they really afraid of? Aspiration is dangerous no matter what it is. Breast milk or orajel - its not good for the lungs.

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I personally never liked my kids reaction to the baby orajel , they kind of freaked out it went down their throats and numbed everything .I used it on 2 out of 3 kids and had the very same reaction so the 3rd one didnt have to experience it , so I never used it again ,but thats just my experience with it.Afterwards i used ice pops and frozen washclothes and other teething toys.

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