Baby refuses to sleep....HELP!

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I have a 3 week old baby girl. I know that infants this young are not on a good sleep schedule, but I had no idea it would be this bad. Last night was the worst night yet. I was up until 5:30a and the only reason I got to go to sleep then is because my husband took over. Soothing her is not the issue, I can get her to stop crying and fall asleep while I'm holding her, but as soon as I put her in her crib she wakes up. She's been like this since the day she was born only she used to just wake up frequently, now she's not sleeping at all at night. Her pediatrician wants me to make her wait at least 3 hours between feedings at night, but is she too young to just cry it out? I know it takes time, but any advice on helping her learn to sleep at night would be great. I'm afraid I'm going to drop her or fall from exhaustion :(


Tracy - posted on 06/01/2009




Try "The Woombie" at you will see why when you put her in that comfy creation.

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It really sounds as though she is not getting enough milk, are you breastfeeding or bottle? If breast, do you have plenty of milk and is she feeding well? Also is she warm enough? Babies need to be nice and toasty. The mistake I made with my first baby was that he wasn't warm enough. Are you following the feed - play - sleep routine? If it is possible that she is not getting enough to eat then it may be wise to top her up with a bit of formula until you establish a good milk supply. I had to do this with all of my babies for a couple of weeks and then we were fine. I definitely wouldn't leave a 3 week old baby to cry! babies this age also have a LOT of wind, and rubbing cirles on her back and gently patting are a necessity before bed. Have you got a couple of phone books under the head end of the cot to minimise reflux? Always feed, burp, have a little chat/play time, burp, swaddle and pop into bed. Never feed to sleep. Always wrap firmly with arms down as the startle reflex will wake her. You should be feeding every 3 hours or so during the day with good feeds so that she gets enough calories to get her through the night. Always put in her cot in the dark to sleep. Let us know how you are doing.

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YES she's too young for CIO!!!!!!!!! At 3 weeks old babies barely know which end is up. They need their mum pretty much ALL THE TIME. You should try swaddling (if you haven't already) as this was what really helped me getting my daughter to stay asleep. I know it's hard and frustrating when you spend the time rocking them to sleep only to have them startle awake as soon as you lay them down. The swaddle will help with that though, as it limits that startle reflex as well as keeping them feeling snug (as if you were still holding them). She may also just have her days and nights mixed up. My nephew was like this - did his 'big sleep' (5-6hrs) early evening then would be awake til 3am. Babies do grow out of this, and in the meantime you can help her differentiate between the two by keeping your days bright and busy and noisy and nights low-key and quiet. Sleep when she sleeps if you can. You really can't 'sleep train' a baby this young, but it will get better :) Most experts say you can't start a routine until the baby is about 8 weeks old - which I'm sure sounds a long way away to you! The best pieve of advice I was given was to give my daughter a 'grace period' of the first 8 weeks, where I followed her lead and met her every need IMMEDIATELY. Realising that's what my newborn needed took the pressure off and stopped me stressing out that she wasn't in a routine yet. I think we all around expect far too much from our newborns.

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awww, she's gorgeous! i wouldn't really let her cry it out so young, but i would say not to pick her up the minute she starts fussing, it's amazing the amount of times they'll settle themselves, even for just a little while longer! :)

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I have a few swaddle blankets. She doesn't like them because she likes her hands up by her She just took a good nap in her crib listening to a calming cd so I think we're on the right track. I don't expect her to sleep all through the night yet, I would just like to sleep a little a night. Thanks for all of the advice!

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have you tried a swaddle blanket?? the best thing ever!! my youngest slept through from 3 weeks and i believe it was the magic of the swaddle!! i can't praise them enough!! :)

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My son sturggled withsleeping for quite some time after his release from the NICU, routine is important. I also found it was the motion that helped him so i wrapped him in a blanket that smelled like me and put him in his swing at night, he loved to sleep there and i could get some much needed shut eye. After a few nights of regular sleep he started sleeping in his crib better. He was just too tired to sleep on his own.

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She's still so young to be sleeping all night. Try feeding her more frequently. Watch your diet, maybe there is an insensitivity that she has to something you're eating, but, really, I don't think this is all that unusual. When does she sleep? Don't let her sleep all day long, make some noise keep her awake for a while in the late afternoon early evening. I think time is the only thing that will help. Not all babies can be convinced to sleep through the night.

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I know she would be perfect for co-sleeping, but it just makes me too nervous. My husband jerks kind of violently in his sleep so I don't think she would be very safe there. I am breastfeeding and eating pretty healthy. I do have a glass of tea with dinner sometimes, would that be too much caffeine? I'm going try the blanket and cd tonight.

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Make sure she feels snug and warm when you lay her down. Swaddle her in a blanket, or put her in a bassinet. Give her the same cues for sleeping every time you put her down; a good idea is to find a light instrumental cd to play whenever she is sleeping. This provides white noise so that other sounds won't disturb her so much, and if you play the same cd every time, she will start to associate that with sleep. I wouldn't let her just cry it out. If you know she is not hungry, and has a clean diaper, you can let her cry for a few minutes; don't rush in to respond the moment she makes a noise, wait to see if sometimes you can hear that maybe she just startled awake and might start to calm down on her own. Also, try other methods of soothing before picking her up; offer a pacifier, or gently rub her back or tummy. It does take time, but you'll make it. Try to nap as often as you can whenever she goes to sleep.

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Sometimes they just want mommy close. How do you feel about co-sleeping? I know I would've had the same problem if I hadn't. If you don't want to do that then try putting somthing in the crib with your smell on it. Get a blanket and sleep with it one night then lay it in her crib. If you are nursing what do you eat or drink? Try avoiding highly sugared or caffienated drinks or foods. Hope some of this helps and good luck.

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