Baby's dad gone and not coming back

Leigh - posted on 08/25/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )





6 weeks ago my fiancé of 3 and half years walked out on me and our 9 week old son saying "we just don't work" I'm finding things really hard as can't believe he's gone. When I've tried to talk to him (if he answers the phone) he won't give me any other explanation and instead gets really angry and abusive towards me. He's made it very clear he's not coming back and I've discovered he's met another woman and moved in with her and her 8 year old daughter after meeting just 3 weeks ago. I'm in pieces and all over the place, I cry all the time and just have no appetite so am loosing a lot of weight. I can't get my head around how he can be telling me how much he loves me one month then weeks later walk out on me and his newborn baby and be so angry towards us and the only reason he'll give me is that "we just don't work" I'm doing my best to get on with my life for the sake of my little boy but I find things really hard. I break out in waves of tears and can't get him out my head because I love him and never saw the cracks or our break up coming. I spend my time hoping and dreaming that my ex changes his mind and realises he's made a mistake. Things are made even harder because he takes our little boy to his mums for the day once a fortnight so Im having to see him and each time Im hoping he sees us and changes his mind... But I know deep down he won't. I just don't understand where all his hatred has come from and how he could just leave us with no real explanation and how he could jump into another relationship so quickly.
I know in my head with all his hurtful words and actions that me and my little boy are better off without him but my heart is bruised and crying ... This isn't how it was supposed to be. I just don't know what went wrong and he can't give me any real explanation. I wondered if anyone else has any similar stories or is able to offer me any advise on how to deal with this pain and hurt. 😞

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