Baby's Daddy is Illegal Immigrant

Gypsy - posted on 06/24/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




im 23 my boyfriend of 2 years is 33 his irish im australian and we have a beautiful 3 month old baby girl. he has overstayed his visa and has been living here in australia illegally for a little over 3 years now. before bubs arrived we were travelling and we would stay in one place for 6 months then move on as the visa he was on only allowed for 6 months in one job, this was ok, we would stay in staff accommodation. just before bubs arrived we settled down in a small costal town and started renting a house. now he has only 4 months left on his job and im scared as to whats going to happen next! I hate this so much, i really dont want to move from place to place i just want to be in one spot in my own house. i want a stable home and upbringing for my baby. i know my boyfriend doesn't really want to go back to ireland because work is so terrible there and he may not be able to come back to australia. i just have no idea what to do!! i don't want to force the matter on him as i know his freaking out too. does any one have any advice? i have heard of the spouse visa and i know that they cost something like $6500 i also know that immigration can just say no and he will be given 28 days to leave, on the wages his on we couldn't save that much in a few months and save for plane tickets and get passports for myself and bub if they turn around and say no... im so scared and dont know what we should do! are there any more options out there for us? has anyone been in a similar situation or know of a similar situation and can give any advice?


Louise - posted on 06/24/2012




You cant run forever, for both your sakes you need to confront this head on. Seriously think about getting married as this is going to help your case when immagration do catch up with you. Then you need to turn yourselves in or file for residency papers. You can not carry on like this with a baby in tow. You have to put your minds at rest and decide where you want to live. I can tell you that being English there are lots of jobs here, you just have to be willing to do them or start at the bottom and work your way up. Being Irish your fella can work and live in England he does not need a visa to work. You on the other hand would need to go through the proper immagration route. If you dont do something soon even this will not be an option for you as a law is going through parliament at the moment to put a heavy tax onto people coming into the country. There was a mention of £30,000 for a partner and £50,000 for a wife and child. This law has not been passed yet and will not be for about another 12 months if it gets the backing it needs. You on the other hand need to do something now. If you love each other and want to stay together you are going to have to fight. Get yourself a solicitor and see what they say and work from there. It is going to be a bumpy ride but it will all work out ok in the end, you just have yards of red tape to work through. It can be done. The sooner you get on with it the sooner it will all be over!

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