Baby's father is mean to our son

Michelle - posted on 04/24/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Ok :( I have a 16 month old boy and me and the father are together, everything was going smoothly until our son turned 6months and his dad starting calling him a sissy everytime he'd cry even if it was for his bottle and now at 16 months the argument is getting old between us, he says he shouldn't cry for anything unless he's hurt! seriously? . and btw our son isn't even talking. to make matters worse every day when he gets off work our son cries and cries the moment he gets home and his father mocks him crying and makes fun of him calling him a mamma's boy. to me it seems like he has some deep insecurities to treat a baby like that! . on a rare occasion the only way he tries to bond with him is by tickling the crap outta him ..anyways I can't take it anymore is there someone that could we could go talk to so they can explain to him how horrible he's treating his child because I'm ready to leave him for all of this. I need an outsider with a professional opinion to explain this to him i just am not sure where I would go to find that? thank you. no rude comments please I'm doing the best I can


Brandy - posted on 04/24/2014




First of all tell him that excessive tickling is torture how would he like it if he was to small to fight back. Also is your man acting different towards you now that baby is in your lives? It might be a jealous thing like maybe hes not getting the attention hes used to and is taking it out on the little one. Im no expert but its his issues and he needs to get some help to work through them to make the happy family you deserve. Good luck hope everything works out.; Sorry forgot to add that if u want your little guy to have more of a voice you should try baby sign language it really helps there is less tears cause they can let you no what they want.

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