Baby's first steps

Aalieyan - posted on 03/15/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is now 1 year and 1 month old. He knows how to hold my hand and walk but hasn't learned how to go on his own. I'm terrified of him falling, but I want him to grow and blossom. I want to see his first steps. How can I let go and be able to see my sons first steps? And how do I teach him to take those first steps?


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Gena - posted on 03/15/2014




My Aunt kind of had the same problem with my little cousin who is younger then my son.I took a drying up towel and let him hold on one side while i was holding the other side,i slowly let go of the towel and he took acouple of steps on his own.My aunt found it helpful because he would also only walk when she was holding his hands but if she would let go he would sit down imidiatly.Maybe you could also give it a try.And like Michelle said,dont worry about him falling.

Michelle - posted on 03/15/2014




Stop holding onto him. Let him do it on his own by holding onto the furniture and then letting go on his own.
His bum is well padded and they don't have far to fall. They rarely hurt themselves when learning to walk or no child would walk!!!

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