Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

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Hello friends,

While brainstorming for my sister’s baby shower, I came up with three quick and easy centerpiece ideas that she loved. I thought of sharing them with you as well so that it might benefit you.

Diaper cake: This is the most convenient centerpiece that you could have at your baby shower. The mom-to-be can make it while being at home. Step by step instructions are available on YouTube.

Baby Sock/Bib/Hat Rose Bouquet placed on a cupcake stand: Use the baby essentials that the new mom has shopped for creating a marvelous centerpiece. Place a cupcake stand at the center of your table and instead of cupcakes, place bibs, socks, shoes, new baby clothes, diapers, feeding bottles, etc. on it. Sprinkle some confetti for giving a festive look.

Colored water candles: Take two glass vases in a way that the second one fits inside the first one, leaving a small space to pour in some water. Use water proof adhesive to secure the small vase inside the larger vase. Place a pillar candle inside the smaller vase and fill the empty space between the two vases with colored water; blue for a boy and pink for girl. I got this idea from Martha and really loved it.

Please share any other ideas that you might have.

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