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Jennifer - posted on 04/29/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My friend and I are hosting a baby shower for her sister in law and I'm curious to know what was the best part of your baby shower or one that you were invited to do.


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Morgan - posted on 04/29/2010




at my baby shower the girls played a game called "dirty diaper" where they melted diffrent chocolate bars into diapers then you had to sniff it and guess what brand of bar it was :)

It was so funny to see the looks on everyones faces and my grandmother was horrified lol

it was pricless the other funny game was putting an ounce of apple juice in bottles with slow flow nipples and having a race to drink it, so funny!! and just having all the people you love together to celeabrate your beautiful bundle of joy!!

Amanda - posted on 04/29/2010




the best part is always the comraderie!...gettin together with a bunch of yur friends...=) My favorite game however is the one where you have to make words out of the baby's name.....

Karen - posted on 04/29/2010




hi there! so i know alot of people aren't into the games at showers anymore, but my mother had come up with a game that got a lot of laughs and fun pictures! she took some diapers and melted different chocolate bars in them...they got passed around and people had to figure out what kind of bars they were. another thing that we had was an adivce/wishes book where everyone that was there could write in their wishes for baby and or advice for the mom and dad. it was great to be able to sit and read them afterwards and is a nice keepsake. just a couple of ideas that we had that i enjoyed :) hth

Katie - posted on 04/29/2010




The best part was the games and food i thought. One game that i loved was the toilet paper strip game. Everyone had to tear off how many strips of tp they thought would fit around the pregnant mother. We had many laughs and it was a blast for not the only the mommy to be but for the guests. Have fun!!

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