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Jeannie - posted on 01/14/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am pregnant with my second child and I want to have a baby shower. With my fisrt child I didn't know what to do for that day so I dedcided not to have one.
Is there anyone that can give me advice on what to do to prepare myself and how to invite people. I am a first timer at this and really need the help.


Colleen - posted on 01/15/2010




Hi Jeannie. Erin is correct in saying that it's usually a friend or family member that throws the shower for you. In my case though, I chose to throw my own as I was having twins and preferred to do it in a way that people wouldn't waste money by getting things I didn't need.

I made up some invitations on the computer using my first ultrasound scan picture as the background. I made up a little poem as to why I was throwing my own shower and also informed everyone of the time, date and address. We had a BBQ at home and I asked everyone to bring some meat and their drinks. I did the salads, rolls and the pudding. I sent out the invitations to everyone that was close to me whether it was married couples, single girl or guy friends, family etc. People don't mind email invitations these days and it saves a bit of cash too!

To all the single guy friends I was simply straight to the point.....large packet of No. 4 Pampers diapers please. Most guys came with two packets because they knew we were having twins. I think they were also relieved that they knew what to ask for when they hit the baby store!! (incase you're wondering, I wanted the bigger diapers to store away until my boys got bigger....saving my pennies early so to speak).

For my girlfriends, I set up a registry at my favourite baby store. You can specifically request certain items and they are all put in a big bin for you, with your name on it. Once a friend has purchased an item/s it obviously leaves the bin and so you don't land up with 18 blankets, 42 hooded towels and one pair of woolly socks :-) Even if not all the items are purchased, at least you still get some of what you want or need. The registry is great as well because it takes the guess work out of things for your friends and they aren't wasting money.

For my immediate family members I suggested bigger items that I wanted (ie. twin stroller, crib etc.) They could then club together and purchase one or two items which again saved us some money and made them happy.

I decorated the house lightly in a baby blue theme with a few balloons and nik naks. I also set up a few games as people seem to expect those at babyshowers and they can be quite fun. I did the one where everyone had to "Guess my Girth". The person closest to guessing how large my tummy was won a box of chocolates. We then did name the baby (babies in my case). Everyone has to give you the strangest names they can think of and the worst one wins. I kept the games to a minimum and gender neutral so the guys would participate too.

While the guys got onto cremating the meat on the BBQ, the girls sat with me as I opened presents and we all had a good giggle. Most of the girls had of course got a few things I hadn't asked for just because they wanted to give something fun and not essential, which was a lovely surprise! One of my girlfriends thought ahead and made me wear a baby bonnet which was silly but in keeping with some of the tradition!

All in all it was a successful babyshower and fun was had by all. The cleaning up was pretty painless as everyone feels sorry for the "poor pregnant mommy to be" LOL!!


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