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Baby Shower Ideas on a Budget?

Jessica - posted on 02/04/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




I have a two year old and about six months pregnant. My mom and I are planning my baby shower, but we are all on a budget as many people are these days. I am looking for baby shower ideas on a budget..... any ideas would help. Thanks


Tanya - posted on 02/04/2010




Well I just gave my friend a baby shower and we are a family of five and only my husband works we are really on a budget, but it came out great so here are some baby shower ideas on a budget!

Decorations: get a couple of table colths in the color you choose from the dollar store cover the table where food will be and a table where you may put presents or games. Get a bag of suckers any size use tissue paper in color of choice (they only had wite at our dollar store so I did white with pink currling ribbon from the dollar store - I was going to cover with pink tie with white but the reverse looked great still) cover suckers with paper and tie with color ribbon. I made diapers out of napkins (white napkins fold in half then fold sides in and use small safty pin and pin frount they have safety pins at dollar store too I got mine at walmart for just over a dollar, I also took pink markers and put dots on the napkins so they looked like they were for a girl) I filled the napkin diapers with chocolate animal crakers that were very cheep less then two dollars at walmart in the craker isle (I filled all the napkins with less then one bag) I put the suckers and diapers around the cake area and the game table and food table.

Games: most games you can print at home that saves money - I made a taste and see game (4-5 baby food jars and they taste and guess what it is some people only let them smell) I also made the poopy pamper game 4 diapers and microwaved 4 different candy bars in them mush them up and pass around get a camera its funny seeing people sniff and taste the diapers that look like they have poop in them. My friend also had the name picked out so I made the how many more then 2 letter words can you make with "Leyla Jade ________" . I also did the baby pool I print out guess babys weight, length, time of birth, date of birth ect.... I also filled a baby bottle with Q tips and had guess how many q-tips are in there...I got all the prizes from the dollar store get a few extra for ties I like to get practile things like pot holders or shopping lists..

Food: have it at an off time after lunch before dinner people wont be as hungry... I always make a stew (green chili stew is my favorite to make) because it fills people up and you serve it with rolls or tortillas so it really fills people. I also like to make peanut butter tortillas for the kids if any are coming. You can do like a cheese and craker tray or a cold cut tray if you make these your self you'll save money. For they cake I made cupcakes frosted them white and put pink sprinkles on them, but I know walmart cakes are pretty cheap I just didn't have the extra to get it and I like home baked things anyway. They also sell 3 litter cokes at the dollar store here, that is a good price use a punch bowl or any bowl to serve drinks and smaller cups saves you having to buy lots as people tend to fill up large cups and not drink it all anyway.

Good luck and congrats oh and have tons of fun!!!

Pamala - posted on 02/22/2012




You can print out directions to make a diaper cake and as the game split people in small groups & have them make small diaper cakes. Get dollor store ribbon tape pins rattles shampoo teethers what ever u see that's cute & you will need later anyways. All supplies for cake and off brand diapers. Have everything they need to make diaper cake and give little prizes for best one. You keep all diaper cakes at the end & all supplies too! If prizes are baby stuff they will give back to you unless they have baby too & that's cool either way. Make all snacks yourself. Ask friends for their ideas too before the party Remember, it for baby anyway and just have fun.

Cheraki - posted on 05/07/2012




you could take napkins and do them like cloth diapers with a diaper pin... put a little mustard in the bottom of one and then put some of them colored mints in the diaper napkins don't say nothing to your guests and the one who ends up with the (poop diaper) could get a little prize.. You can do your baby shower shopping at the dollar tree they have cute little things for baby showers... You could also do a game to see who can diaper a baby the fastest using baby dolls....

You could do little finger foods... If you want a store bought cake.. do cupcakes instead a good grocery store can make it where it appears to be a cake...

Rebecca - posted on 02/04/2010




baby shower ideas on a budget -

instead of having a cake, make cup-cakes! or muffins! muffin batter is sometimes cheaper than cake.

heres a game we played at mine that i got from my sister... we took toilet paper, everyone tore off as much as they thought they needed to wrap it around my big ol belly, and then we took exactly how many squares it needed. whoever had the closest amount of squares of tp won a prize($5 dollar walmart card, teddy bear, soap, whatever. i like the card idea.) then we played some kind of hot potato game, but you had to think of pregnant stuff.

and there's another one where you type out the first name and last (or first & middle if ur married) of the mommy and daddy and have everyone write down all the characteristics that they want baby to have using just those letters.

and you can buy a matt frame to put a maternaty photo of you in and have everyone sign the frame or leave your baby a note to let them know that they'll always be surrounded with love.

Ashley - posted on 02/04/2010




bake the cake .. dont do games and if you do just use stuff from around the house like cloths pins .. and just have crackers or have some people bring snacks

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