Baby sick and BF didnt come home


Robyn - posted on 03/02/2016




Whoops hadn't finished my post heading... basically my 16month boy has been ill with a high temp for 48 hours (39) and my bf went out for work drinks yesterday at 12:30 saying he would be home soon and is the only sober one so no need for me to worry about noise (I voiced my concern should he come home drunk with baby sick). That was at 20:40 and I got the next message at 6:15 saying I'm alive then another at 10:00 asking me if I have access to his Facebook!!!

Why would he be so concerned about me having access to his FB if he had in fact been with the boys all night and who stays at their place of work after a night of drinking till 11:00 when you're not working and everyone else is? Does this sound suspect to anyone else or just me and also no apology has been given and when he walked through the door all he had to say was I'm alive thanks sarcastically and like I had done something wrong!!

I haven't even brought it up with him as I'm still reeling from his behaviour and didn't want to fight in front of my sick babs. About two weeks ago he worked a late shift till 5am and turned up drunk at 9:30 and his Mom was coming to visit - he slept till 15:00 and then asked me why I was mad and said he deserved a good night. I said fine but who starts drinking at that time and his response was events baby!!

I just feel like he has so little respect for me :(

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