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Tamika - posted on 09/27/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




So I've been thinking about baby sitters?

I have a sitter who can look after bubs but I'm always taking him around there. I find this inconvienient someetimes, as it means i have to get the baby bag, formula, change clothes, rocker, pram and anything else ready for the sitter. And if the sitter came to me it's just them.

I understand that babies do need to get used to going out into new environments and people, but just once i'd like bubs to stay at home and for me to not feel guilty for making the sitter come to me.

Am I being unreasonable and selfish?

What do you do for a sitter when you need one?

Before you suggest I have no family memebers that can look after him.


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Janet - posted on 09/28/2009




Tamika ,

Please be careful when chosing a sitter !.......

The reason why I say this is , my youngest was shaken to death by is own sitter here in Columbus, Ohio . Ten years ago . Ms . Tammie Brooks was my older son's babysitter for four years prior .

Please , Please , Please ........if you have like a Job & Family Services in you area check them out .......or call a child protective agency to check out their resources . Or even a local Childrens Hospital or the birthing hospital you had your child at .

I helped here in Ohio to track over 150 shaken baby cases in my state & helped to pass a new state law on shaken baby prevention .

Please , Please , Please ....BE CAREFULL

Janet Cross

Mom to Joshua Cross

Shaken to death 9.1.99

Columbus , Ohio

First Case Under House Bill 162

Homicide By Child Abuse

Lynnell - posted on 09/27/2009




We do both, it really depends on when we are going out. If it's through the day the kids usually go to the baby sitters place but if it's night-time and bed time they usually come here. As your sitter if they have a problem. I don't think your being unreasonable, if it's just them. I babysit other peoples children but usually at my house but I still have everything lol. I too have no close family members where I live, it can be hard. Maybe if they are a regular baby sitter possibly having stuff that could stay there if that was alright with them is another possibility. I had everything before I had kids too lol. I did heaps of baby sitting and still do.

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