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Hi ladies and gents if your there too,

I have two little kiddies at home a little boy who will be 2 in April and a 13 week old little girl. I have found from the start that they are completely different in everthing they do. Seán was a very content baby from day one, fed, pooed and slept and to this day he is a great sleeper. we did the pick up put down technique with him when he was younger and now he goes into his cot at 8pm and puts himself to sleep and sleeps all night. I know it is only 2 years ago but i cannot remember how old he was when we started to settle him in his crib at night.

This is my question for you all, Niamh is 13 weeks old and at the moment she is feeding at about 8pm, she then likes to stay awake for an hour but when she gets cranky she will not go off to sleep until she is in your arms, she then wakes for another feed at about 11pm. Is she too young to start the pick up put down technique, I know it work because we did it with Seán but should she be a bit older before we start it? Your comments and ideas would be greatly accepted :)


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I always just nursed my kids when they woke up. I had two that were only waking once in 12 hours at 3 months and one that didn't sleep that 'well' til he was a year and a half....

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