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Hello to all the lovely moms who took the time to write about their experiences in the baby sleep dilemma. There were many great tips and pointers with all things considered and it definitely helped me make a decision.
I decided to have the baby sleep in our room, in a crib for at least 6 months then move the crib to a separate room. My only dilemma is that in our house the extra room is downstairs, next to the older step sisiter's rooms . What am I supposed to do when the first 6 months pass? Do I move our little girl downstairs, install a monitor and hope that we can hear her? Do I continue to have her sleep in our room with a divider screen? We're not ready to move to a more suitable house where she'll have her own room but it is on the agenda in two years or so.
I gather that I can't predict what's to come when the baby arrives but what would you do in a our scenario.
Any and all advice welcome.
First time mommy,


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I would keep her in her own bed in your room for the first year. To me 6 months is still a little small to be on her own. Real sleep patterns don't really start to stick until over 6 months, atleast for us. In the first year her sleep changed so much that having her down stairs would have been very tiring for me getting up all night.


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