Baby sleeping through the night !!!

Nisha - posted on 10/18/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a 12 week old girl, who I'm breast feeding. I feed her every three hours during the day and put her to sleep at 10. She rarely wakes up during the night for a feed. During the day she sleeps for 2 hours. I make sure that I feed her every 3 hours even if she doesn't cry ? Am I doing the right thing ? She was 3.6 kg when she was born and now is 7kg. Is that ok ?


Ev - posted on 10/20/2013




SHe sounds fine to me. It is possible for an infant to do just this if she is getting plenty during feeds during the day then she might be able to go the long stretch at night. I am sure you would know it if she was not getting enough at night. My daughter started to sleep through at 3 weeks of age because breastfeeding was not working and we got home one evening when it did not work during a visit to grandparents. She took four ounces in a bottle and slept all night long. From then on she slept from 11 pm to 7 am like clockwork.


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