Baby stopped babbling :/

Jen - posted on 02/15/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello all! I'm a ftm of an 8 month old little guy. I call him 'spirited' ;). He babbled for a few days right after he turned 7 months, but stopped. He's definiwtky not quiet...yelling, squealing, saying vowel sounds and blowing A LOT of raspberries, just no dada anymore. It's probably nothing to worry about, however googling is a terrible idea and makes you think too much into EVERYTHING! He makes eye contact and responds to his name most of the time, unless he's super interested in something he's playing with. He crawls and pulls to stand on everything in sight. He does prefer to play alone and go about his day, however will interact with his dad and I...smiling, laughing, peek a boo, etc. He also puts his hands up when he wants up. Just wondering if anyone else experienced the babbling thing? He is in the process of getting his second tooth, so that could also be a factor. A few other things: he despises sitting still to get dressed and his diaper changed. He is just way too busy to lay on his back for these tasks ;) anyone have advice on how to make this less painful...for both of us? :)


Sarah - posted on 02/15/2016




This is perfectly normal for him to make a variety of sound and to go back and forth from dada, mama, to other noises. It's all about learning, experimenting and fun. As far his dislike for being changed etc, normal too. My kids did the flip and flee if i did not hold them down when they were changed. Stop worrying! You are missing the best parts of your child's life. Stop looking for things that could possibly be wrong.
For me; my sister has two ASD kids, and we were both having raising kids at the same time. After her first sowed some very obvious issues, of course I worried about my own. But even if my kids did fall on the spectrum, there's nothing i could have done be handle it, right? So I let it go.

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