Baby stops breathing when having a tantrum

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My 10 month old started having major tantrums over the smallest things such as setting him down or taking something out of his hand that he shouldn't have. He gets so upset that he does that big cry than usually silence and than cries again. My major concern is he does that initial cry than silence and than nothing. He stops breathing or can't seem to catch his breath. We have a doctors apt next week but in the meantime I'm on eggshells 24 /7 ....I'm so worried to upset him or leave him with anyone that it's taking a major toll on life. Has anyone ever heard or experienced this?


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Jodi - posted on 05/24/2013




If your son holds his breath for too long, the worst that can happen is that he will pass out and start breathing again. He'll be fine, it won't hurt him. Don't cater to the tantrums. If this is your only concern, I wouldn't bother with the doctor.

Sarah - posted on 05/23/2013




My daughter does and has done that from almost day 1. Don't walk on what you normally do. If you cater to the tantrum then he learns that it works and continues to do it. Your body will eventually make you breath. Just stay calm and don't give into the tantrum. In some ways I would almost ignore the holding of the breath. Many people would say "Breathe".....I knew that eventually she would and would just ignore the long silence. She is now 2 yrs old and we don't get too many long silences any more.....she figured out that screaming gets more attention.

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