baby talk or normal talk?

Amy - posted on 02/17/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I was just reading an article that says it may be better to speak 'baby' to your baby instead of trying to speak how we would to another adult. Who thinks 'baby talk' is better than 'adult talk' when you're communicating with your baby??? Which way do you think helps a baby learn better, develop a more advanced vocabulary, speak sooner, etc...?? I know language development and intelligence is also based on other things, but what's the right way to communicate with a baby?? And if you're speaking 'baby' to your baby, by what age should you stop 'oooo'ing, 'aaahhh'ing, and e'eeeee'ing to your baby and so on?? I currently speak both 'languages' to ours, but I do try to cut back on the baby talk because I feel like I do it all the time! And sometimes it just comes out without me even thinking about it! Also, we're going to teach our son sign language, but at what age would you start with that? A few months old?

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