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My baby is a month old, and drinks formula. But, every time she eats she usually burps. They we keep her upright for 30-45 minutes. The moment we lay her down, she throws up. And even she is trying to burp, she throws up. It's usually a little bit at first, then it gets to be like a mouth full for her by the time she is done throwing up. This is everytime she eats. And, it even comes out her nose sometimes. I have no idea what else to do, because sometimes it leads to her throwing up the whole bottle and she cries she wants more but I'm scared to give it to her because of being sick.

Help! I'm a new mom, so I'm completely lost on what to try.


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My son went through this too at this age. We were breast feeding but I dried up and had to switch over. We had to go through 2 different types of formula until we found one that settled with his stomach well. Even when we found the right one he spit up a little but not bad, not like he was at first. Their belly's are sensitive so maybe you should try switching to a different formula to see if that helps. If it doesnt contact her doctor and let them know whats going on, and they can look closer to see why its happening. But this is quite normal, and all baby's are different so you just have to try around and see what the best fit is for her.

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