Baby w/murmur so sleepy she can't nurse.

Heather - posted on 04/22/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My little girl has a heart murmur, it's fairly small, 3mm, but she has no endurance because of it. My milk supply had been very low from the start because of the murmur, they found it when she was 3 weeks. I am a first time mother and I had no idea what my let down should feel like or if I'd feel it at all. My right produces maybe 2-3 ounces and my left only mLs. The lactation consultant, gave me an SNS but it takes her 45 minute to drink an ounce from it and she is so tired by the end she falls asleep. The lactation nurse told me it should take about 20-30minutes. She has a good latch and a good strong suck, but has no endurance to get my milk from me.

The LC gave me a hospital pump for only 1 month, I've been taking fenugreek, drinking 1 beer a day, drinking mothers milk tea. I consume lots of good calories, drink lots of water. Im doing anything I can to increase my supply.

I didn't want to keep making my baby cry and panick because she was hungry. (After she wakes up she realizes she is still hungry and then starts inconsolably crying.) I stopped using the SNS on my left. She gets a better flow from my right and I know there is more milk in there. She still struggles a bit to empty it but she does 100 times better on that side.

She is 5 weeks old today. She's only her birth weight still. I don't want to supplement with formula but if my right isn't producing enough to satisfy her, I don't know what else to do.

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