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Can I put a 4months3weeks old baby in a baby walker?


Sarah - posted on 10/11/2014




Baby walkers are unsafe and not even manufactured anymore, baby call fall down stairs etc. An exercise saucer is a better choice for a baby that can sit well with assistance and has good upper body and head control.


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Chet - posted on 10/12/2014




Like Sarah said, your baby needs to be able to sit well, with good control of their head and upper body. Some 4 and 5 month old babies are ready, and some are not. If a baby isn't ready, you'll know right away. They won't look comfortable, and they'll probably be very unhappy. A lot of babies are six or seven months old before they enjoy walkers or exer-saucers.

Baby walkers are still sold lots of places in the US. Not sure about overseas. I was under the impression that you could still get them in England.

They've been restricted in Canada for at least ten years. It's not illegal to use one, but companies don't import them, stores don't to sell them, and second-hand sale might be prohibited.

They wanted to get rid of them in Canada mostly because they caused so many accidents. They give young babies a lot of mobility and allow them to reach things they wouldn't normally reach. Head trauma from falls down stairs was a big problem, as were burns from babies pulling hot things down on themselves. Also, it's easy for babies to get a hand or finger squashed between the walker and some other surface.

Walker use has actually been associated with taking longer to learn to walk, and I've heard people claim that they can interrupt particular aspects of brain development. All of our kids used one to a limited degree though. It was useful for us in certain situations.

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