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hi my baby is 7 mnth old he has now two lower teeth bt he is not eating anythng properly from last 1 month just on breast feeding which i m not sure he is getting properly or not.i feel i can not become a good mom as my baby may go into any nutritional deficiency as he is not taking any purreed food on any juice what should i do me feeling very bad as i am thinking i donot know how to handle baby n hoe he will grow good if not eating any thng.what should i do?


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Dove - posted on 07/10/2012




A grown person could survive on breast milk alone. Your baby is only 7 months old and MANY babies haven't even started solids by that age. Just nurse him when he wants and offer solids on occasion (but let him choose NOT to eat them) and he'll be just fine.

Solids before one aren't actually MEANT to provide nutrition anyway. It's mainly for the fun and the experience of textures and learning to eat. He won't be deprived of anything just on your breast milk. :)

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Sounds like a nursing strike due to teething. Just keep offering the breast. Its all you can do. I wouldn't bother with juice or a great deal of foods just yet. If he eats too much solids at this age he won't get enough nutrition from your milk. That could also be the issue, if he's eating pureed food he could be getting too full off of just a small amount and theres no room for milk.

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