"Baby Weight" how do you go about losing it?

Jessica - posted on 01/24/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I gained 60 pounds when I was pregnant and while I breastfed I did lose some...only to gain it right back from stress. How does a full time mom and (full time) student go about losing weight?


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Lady - posted on 07/07/2012




:D I know i'm way late in responding to your weight loss need, although as I learned myself it's never to late or rather better late than never.

I was reading your post. I found out about this amazing shake diet through my personal trainer who is a friend of mine. Take a look at Body by Vi (svalderrama.myvi.net) He got me on the transformation kit and I love it because it is so easy and efficient. It's a Protien shake that tastes like cake mix and you can make any, literally any flavor smoothies you want.

One for breakfast and one for lunch and then a nice sensible dinner, along with wise choice snacks in between if needed they also give you a metabolism booster and a hunger control thing to help. If you don't normally exercise at all start with a walk and just push yourself to walk a little farther everyday, if you do exercise just continue with your routine.

I lost 13 lbs in my first month and I had been stuck @ 150lbs for 3 years originally I was 185 after the birth of my baby, i started to exercise and got down to 160 joined Jenny crags for 2 years and got down to 150 (10 bs only) and have been stuck there until last month. I literally tried every diet and weightless company out there and gave up. Until he told me about this over a month ago. Of course I blew it all in one weeks worth of a vacation to Jamaica but I started over again this past Tuesday, it has been a slight challenge this time around but so far 3 lbs down. it looks pricey but I calculated it and it turns out to $8.00 a day beats all the fast food prices I was paying. :D wishing you the best of luck. The website to find it or talk to a promoter is svalderrama.myvi.net

Kaitlin - posted on 01/24/2012




For me, I lost all my baby weight for both pregnancies through light exercise (seriously, light, walking, some small weights with erxercise 10 minute videos from exercise tv.com (or on demand, if you have a cable tv), but it was ALL about diet. Not diet, as in, I dieted, but changed my lifestyle back to healthy eating. I followed a modified Body for Life program, made all my own food, didn't use shakes or bars but used healthy snacks instead, and ate all the time (6-7 meals a day). I thought it would be really hard to do with a baby, time consuming and whatnot, but it actually worked well because once a week I would make a schedule, write everything out, write out my grocery list (actually ended up saving money) and I never had to guess or fly by the seat of my pants. The weight came off SO FAST and it was so healthy, it wasn't just about a number on a scale. My husband lost 50 lbs too. Oh and the best part? You pick one day a week to eat junk food. Like, it actually tells you, if you want Mcdonalds, go get it. Ice cream, chocolate, whatever. And because you aren't starving yourself or denying yourself treats, it works. I hope it works for you. Good luck!

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