Baby will play on the floor with other people, but when I'm around, he only wants to be held

Amy - posted on 08/08/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




It's been very hard to get my almost eight-month-old son to play contentedly on the floor by himself from the very beginning. However, over time I have been trying to get him used to it, starting with just 5 minutes of floor time/independent play. Recently, it seems like he'll do it--for other people. He seems to play well by himself at daycare, where he goes two days a week. He also plays well when my husband is sitting next to him. However, if I come anywhere close to him, he'll start fussing and wanting to be picked up. Also, if I'm holding him and I try to put him down, he'll cry because he just wants to be held. Is this a form of separation anxiety? He doesn't really cry when he goes from my arms to someone else's arms, and he doesn't cry when I leave the room if someone is holding him. Is this something that will pass? Or should I try actively to get him used to being on the floor by himself even when I'm around?


Michelle - posted on 08/08/2012




He cries because he knows mommy will pick him up, he is manipulating you yes even at 8 months they can do this. Your baby has mommy wrapped around his little finger and so he should he is your pride and joy. But if you continue to give in now you will never get a second to get anything done with him around you need to keep encouraging him to play on the floor sit there with him and interact with him but don't pick him up. Once he realizes you are not going to cave and pick him up you will be no different then everyone else and he will play nicely for you as well.

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