Baby won't sleep unless swaddled...HELP!!

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My daughter is 4 months now and beginning to turn and bounce around the crib. Since she doesn't fall asleep without being swaddled, we started swaddling her with one arm out and now both arms out and she seems to mange to fall asleep, which is great. But when I check on her the swaddle blanket is all over her face which concerns me, especially since she's starting to turn. I've tried the sleep sack and she refuses to sleep in it. I live in a home with NO air conditioning and since it's summer, swaddling is going to be no good. She associates swaddling and sleep. Any tips or suggestions?


Megan - posted on 07/05/2010




Both of my kids were swaddled for a long time. Neither could fall asleep without it. They both grew out of it in their own time. At about seven months with my son it just wasn't working anymore so we quit, he had a few hard days but it was over quickly. It was a natural process with my daughter it just kinda changed without any effort on my part. Before I switched to muslin blankets ( which I also highly recommend) I worried about the thicker blanket ending up over my daughter's face. I would swaddle her to fall asleep and then after she was out I would lay her down then un-swaddle her and it never woke her. My kids are still hard to get down but once they are down nothing wakes them, but not all kids are like that. If your worried about leaving a blanket in with your daughter un-swaddeling after she conks may be worth a shot. I never worried with the muslin, it is so thin. Also my muslin blankets didn't creep up the way thicker blankets did. Good luck!


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Pip - posted on 07/04/2010




My twins were swaddled till they were about 8 mths old, they just wouldn't sleep unless they were wrapped. During summer I used muslin wraps, they don't get to hot in them.

Angela - posted on 07/04/2010




My baby would only sleep when wrapped up really tight, which I only found out after a hell night of no sleep and cryingbaby, as a last resort I wrapped her up and thirty seconds later she was sound asleep! We had the same problem as you, mid summer, 30 degrees at night time and no air conditioning but it was the only way she would sleep! I´d wrap her up naked except for her nappy so that she wouldn´t overheat. Muslin wraps are great as Erin suggested. If you can´t buy them, you could buy a length of muslin and make your own.

Sarah - posted on 07/04/2010




We are in the process of de-swaddling right now. We have been using Halo swaddles, so 2 nights ago he slept with one arm out, and last night with both arms out meaning just his belly was wrapped. The Halo sleepsacks are wearable blankets with the swaddle feature attached with velcro. So last night and for the next few nights he slept with that part wrapped below his arms. Because it is a wearable blanket with a zipper and velcro and not a loose blanket, there is no way it could end up covering his face. They made swaddling so easy, and are making the de-swaddling process super easy.

Ez - posted on 07/01/2010




I'm Australian and had a summer baby and I still swaddled religiously. I used muslin wraps though, not blankets. The muslin is breathable so the baby won't get hot. If you can't find them where you are I'm sure you can buy them online.

I don't think you should stress about removing the swaddle right now, especially if your daughter isn't rolling yet. My daughter rolled at 6 weeks and I kept her swaddled until she was almost 6 months old. I was apprehensive at first, but it became obvious that she had no desire to roll around when swaddled up nice and tight, so it was never an issue.

Christina - posted on 07/01/2010




Do you have some footie pants for her? Footie pants or even tights should have a similar effect to swaddling. My daughter hated being swaddled and she always kicked off her blanket. So we started putting footie pants on her and she managed to stay comfortable throughout the night. That's the only thing I know to suggest trying. There are also the swaddling blakets you can get that have velcro so it's harder to get them loose.
I hope this helps. And out of curiousity, how come yo don't have air conditioning? Did your unit break down or something? It sucks for you cuz it's going to make summer miserable. I'm so sorry about that.

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